We’re Looking for a Few Good Drivers

By Ed Smith

Actually, we are looking for a lot of good drivers to help lead runs at the 2019 Texas Miata Roundup. The last time our club hosted this event, we had 262 people registered. That’s a minimum of 131 cars.

People come to the Roundup to be entertained, to socialize, to meet other Miata enthusiast, to show off their Miata, and to be led by the host club on some fantastic runs. The Roundup kicks off on Thursday afternoon with people arriving and signing up for runs. Friday and Saturday are filled with runs and activities for our guests to choose from which culminates in the Banquet on Saturday evening. There are usually a few additional runs on Sunday for those who stick around.

We began advertising our dates and location at the 2018 Roundup held in Granbury this past October. By November, our host hotel was 55% booked. A friend of mine from the NW Arkansas Miata club called me last month and told me his club is bringing 10 cars and the group plans to spend the entire week in Fredericksburg. A group from Flyin’ Miata in Grand Junction Colorado is coming. In the first eight days since the website opened, people from California, Louisiana, Arkansas, Indiana and Texas have registered. At this time we expect closer to 175 cars!

The Roundup committee has decided to cap each run with no more than 20 cars. When people arrive at our host hotel, they will sign-in for the runs they want to go on – on a first come, first serve basis. Applying a little math, that comes to a minimum of 9 simultaneous runs need to be offered on both Friday and Saturday. Several of the runs will be “all-day” type which will offer pit stops and lunch. Most will be “half-day” runs, that have one or two pit stops. All-day runs leave in the morning and arrive back at the hotel by 4:00 pm. Half-day runs leave in the morning and arrive back in Fredericksburg in time for lunch and then they repeat in the afternoon and arrive back in Fredericksburg by 4:00 pm.

Fredericksburg and the surrounding counties are blessed with some fantastic roads. The challenge is that pit stops are few and far between. To that end, we have developed several runs on familiar roads that have been re-drawn to start and end in Fredericksburg. We are looking for Drivers to volunteer for these pre-developed runs or to develop their own run that fits the need. Each run will require a Lead Driver and Sweep Driver from our membership.

These pre-developed runs are ready to be reviewed and offered to any new or experienced Driver who would like to lead one or more runs. Ideally, if you have a run you would like to lead at the Roundup, have it available to test drive with our club before next September. 

Our annual Run Planning meeting is scheduled for January 6th and all of the pre-developed runs will be available.
We anticipate we will need 20-30 club members willing to lead/sweep for our Roundup.

Click Here to email Ed Smith if you would like to volunteer, or to request more info.