Individual Donations

Donations by individuals - $25 and up - are greatly appreciated and will be used towards helping stuff the goody bags, purchase event pins and to stock the hospitality area with drinks and snacks; and generally helping to make this event a fabulous, fun event for all!

We have 3 great prizes that will be given away to 3 of the individual contributors. For each $25 you donate you will receive 1 ticket. You will be able to put your tickets into the prize bowl of your choice. If you have 3 tickets you can put them into each of the 3 prize bowls or you can put them all in one prize ... it's your choice.

Your tickets will be located in your event badge holders that you will receive at event registration. Be sure to stop by the hospitality room to put your tickets in the prize bowl of your choice. The winners will be announced at the banquet.

The first prize that we have is an Amazon Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa and a third generation Dot combo. We're still working on the other two prizes but they will be equally desirable!

Hover over the gray box under the $25 and then use the arrow to increase your quantity and then hit Add to Cart. (Example: Quantity of 3 will be a donation of $75 and will get you 3 tickets.)

Please note this is not a tax deductible contribution.


Click on the small images to see them larger in the window. Click on the image in the window to see the item in a larger pop-up window.